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There is much to be thankful for...

The Psychology of Gratitude – 
罗伯特一个. Emmons:电子书中心 

The gratitude project : 
how the science of 感激 
can rewire our brains for resilience, 
optimism, and the greater good:喧闹

Family Thanksgiving 2021 1h 25m. 
When returning home for Thanksgiving, 
Elliot, tries to keep cool with his 
meddlesome, dysfunctional 
家庭. -胡言乱语(视频)

感谢 : 诗,祈祷,一个 
and praise songs of thanksgiving

The power of appreciation in 

The life-changing power of gratitude. 
7 Simple Exercises that will Change 
Your Life for the Better. 
-瑞克劳,马克.; hoopla digital.

The Power of Appreciation, 
- Nelson, Noelle:电子书中心

See the good : finding grace, 
gratitude, and optimism in every
- Windahl, Zach, author.; hoopla digital.

A Family Thanksgiving 2012. 1h 24m -  
An ambitious attorney striving to become 
partner at her New York law firm bumps 
her head and wakes up in an alternate 
reality as a wife and mother 
两个. 喧闹(视频)

Thrift and generosity the joy of giving – 
Templeton, John Marks:电子书中心

Handbook of positive emotions - 
Michele M . Tugade.:电子书中心

A diary for the thankful-hearted,
- Hodgkin, Mary: Hathi Trust

One mindful 一天 at a time : 
365 meditations for living in 
现在. - Wolfelt, Alan, author.; hoopla digital.

The Mister Rogers effect : 
7 secrets to bringing out the 
best in yourself and others from 
America's beloved neighbor
 - Kuhnley, Anita Knight; hoopla digital.

尴尬的感恩节 2014. 马1 h 47 
Thanksgiving is a time when families 
get together to share in the spirit of 
感激. That is, of course, a 
最好的情况. 其他家庭are 
more like this, buckle up and 
递馅料. -胡言乱语(视频)

The Thanksgiving Handbook 2021: 

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